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It is a collection designed by Pierfrancesco Cravel with Marcello Bonvini and Alberto Sandroni for Strato. These objects, suspended between modernity and past, between Carlo Scarpa and Alessandro Mendini, between design and con- temporary art, are findings that can be traced back to an idea of design that has its roots in Italian history, culture, landscape, art and design, as a system that reflects a weak and contradictory modernity. Interrupted and suspended forms. Excerpts of a story to be recombined. Genetic sequences of the new classicism between Michele and Gvasalia, freely amplified in infinite succession. Objects infused with “divine imperfection”. Instantaneous antiques1, utterly indifferent to the function they perform: welcoming, storing, cooking, washing, eating, stu- dying, writing and the like. Their incompleteness continuously refers to the myth, to theoretical metropolises, to those ideal, classical topologies in which nature was inhabited and made habitable by a complex and vast array of domestic genes and each space was identified by an invisible network of relations with the widest paradigms of religion. 2 Each new composition, coded in Fibonacci sequence with Roman ordinal number, is generated by the decomposition and recomposition of individual fragments and is the result of a constant intellectual and artistic stratification: it becomes the finding of an excavation, the discovery of a (cultural) stratigraphy reversed by the acceleration of the circular motion that describes the changes in taste and customs.


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